What is Cryptocurrency Mixer or Tumbler?

The transactions made using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether are transparent and easy to understand where no one is able to avoid using the core route having feature to register all transactions is easily accessible. The procedure dispels the doubt regarding the traceability problem. The various platforms that have been introduced over the past year, including Cryptocurrency Mixer or so-called Tumblers or in short called “Crypto Mixer”, are giving the system its well-known anonymity.


The Crypto Mixer, a Bitcoin mixing service (sometimes referred to as a tumbler or blender), offers to conceal the digital assets from prying eyes permanently. As suggested by the name, it functions by combining bitcoins with those in cryptocurrency reserves to enable anonymous transactions with decentralized bitcoin mixer. By this the BTCs becomes untraceable.

What is Cryptocurrency Tumbler?

Cryptocurrency Mixer or majorly known as Tumbler has gained so much attention in past due to unknown sources investment or anonymity of Bitcoin Owner. The Cryptocurrency Industry already has a dent due to illegal activity held up through Cryptocurrency Mixer / Tumbler.    The majority of mixing services work by dividing a user’s payment among several individuals using anonymizing software, which is sometimes referred to as mixing coins. Additionally, in order to utilize these services, consumers must go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure that verifies their identities.

This makes it more difficult for anyone else to determine where those funds originated. When you send those coins to another address (such as an online shopping cart), they are sent out of your wallet once more, but this time in blocks and transactions that can be linked back to you rather than just one large transaction.

How Do Cryptocurrency Mixers Work?

In contrast to the cryptocurrency mixer or tumbler, which as the name suggests mixes several streams of possibly recognizable transactions, the cryptocurrency follows the block-chain method where it is simple to identify the transaction and it can be traced. As a result of this mechanism, transactions are anonymous, making it hard to track down bitcoin in cryptocurrency mixer or tumbler. In order to transfer the mixed currency to the agreed-upon destination address, the service providers take the owner’s bitcoin and mix it with that of other chain users.

A disconnect is created between the actual transaction that was initiated and the target address results from such a transaction. The service provider extends profitable offers to bitcoin owners, including transaction anonymity. This transactional process regarding both the source of funds and the intended recipient address provides a high level of secrecy. This method of conducting transactions offers a high level of privacy regarding the source of funds in relation to the recipient address and the path taken by pumped-in funds.

Cryptocurrency Mixers or Tumblers generally charges the services fee varying from 1 to 3% of the funds parked for investment. There are many service providers in the market however there are some of Cryptocurrency Mixers or Tumblers which have gain popularity in Cryptocurrency Industry in past as stated below -:

Which are Top 5 Cryptocurrency Tumblers ?

1. Anonymix
2. Unijoin
3. Bitcoin Laundry
5. BitCloak

Are Cryptocurrency Tubmlers Legal?

Cryptocurrency Mixer or Tumbler is regarded as a haven for hackers, state-sponsored organizations that have been labelled unlawful, and mafia bosses to invest their money. Due to the significant investment made by such non-social groups, it has sparked a frantic situation in the cryptocurrency industry. However, the legitimacy is based on how the bitcoin owner handled their investment. The U.S. Treasury Department recently sanctioned the well-known mixing services Blender and Tornado Cash, making them illegal for U.S. people, businesses, and residents owing to their method of delivering solutions to the non-social elements for criminal investment. Such services are been vouched by the US government over time and already the stringent actions are been initiated to control these activities.

The receiver of the transacted “Bitcoin” in the cryptocurrency mixer or tumbler procedure results in illicit ownership up until the required transparency is not provided with the authority. Typically, money launderers use sites like Cryptocurrency Mixer or Tumbler, which is prohibited by anti-structuring legislation.

The legality of cryptocurrency mixers or tumblers is already being investigated by the U.S Government Authorities. The government considers it unlawful due in large part to the inability to trace the source of the funding.

Can there be Solution to Cryptocurrency Mixer or Tumbler?

Although the U.S. government is already attempting to create the checks on the existence of cryptocurrency tumblers or mixers in the system, however, this is not the only illegal route. Another name for the cryptocurrency that may be traded and has built-in privacy characteristics is Privacy Coins. The Privacy Coins were created using an intrinsically decentralized system, making it impossible for the government-implementing agency to halt the transaction.

These privacy coins conceal sender, receiver, and transaction amount information using a variety of methods. Governments might discover that those who wish to conceal their financial activity simply flock to them instead since they can provide perfect anonymity.

In any event, it is a complex issue to use protocols and services to conceal transaction information. It will play a significant role in the debates around cryptocurrency regulation, and regulation will unavoidably take place.

While it is true that cryptocurrency tumblers and mixers exist today, the US government has taken steps to halt illegal transactions and is working to identify the sources of these transactions. The U.S. government may impose broad bans due to frequent illegal investments made by the anti-social element to conceal their money, but they may not be able to completely stop the obfuscation of transactions in the cryptocurrency market, barring the introduction of some parameters to control at a certain level.

What are the Developments on Cryptocurrency Mixers or Tumbler’s Legitimacy?

Recently the U.S Treasury Department has given the clear direction to the Industry to follow the “Anti-Money-Laundering And Sanctions Regulations” to prevent the anti-social elements from abusing such platforms known as “Cryptocurrency Mixers or Tumblers” to launder illicit funds.

Ms. Elizabeth Rosenberg, the Treasury Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes given the government prospective on such platform where the agency shall make it stringent so that law enforcement agencies can have visibility to such illicit transactions.

Ms. Elizabeth Rosenberg, the Treasury assistant secretary for terrorist financing and financial crimes, addressed in past that mixers, which allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies with a degree of anonymity, can be used by criminals to conceal the ownership and movement of money while making it more difficult for law enforcement to track the transfers.

In line to same “The U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)” in August sanctioned Tornado Cash, a currency mixer that allows users to commingle their funds to obfuscate ownership, accusing it of enabling the laundering of billions of dollars in virtual currency, including $455 million allegedly stolen by criminal organizations like the North Korean state-backed Lazarus Group hackers. 

According to “Chainalysis data“, which did not specify a dollar amount, cryptocurrency addresses linked to illegal behavior transferred close to 10% of their cash to cryptocurrency mixers like Tornado Cash in the first half of 2022.

According to statistics from “DeFiLlama“, over US$1.6 million has been frozen in Tornado Cash accounts. A large portion of this amount may be illegal, but as with Buterin’s payment to the Ukraine, there are valid reasons, why users might want additional levels of protection while transacting.

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Despite the Treasury’s actions, cryptocurrency mixers are not considered complete illegal, it is only the action or process, which is bypassing the law, is illegal. On the other side, other services, such as UniJoin and ChipMixer, are still up and running.

The authorities acknowledge, “While the decentralized nature of Tornado Cash makes it difficult to identify individual anti-social elements, targeting the most high profile tumblers can dissuade users and incentivize new industry standards”

Without a doubt, every transaction that lacks openness or clarity requires strict congressional oversight. Not only are there unauthorized transactions or investments made through Cryptocurrency Mixer, but there is also a need for the service provider’s actions to be supported by evidence in order to spur more exploration of similar opportunities. It is assumed that soon there will be standards created to identify service providers that are utilizing systemic gaps to their advantage.

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