Tesla Stock Crisis

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In this post, we discuss our opinions on the current state of the “Tesla Stock” and its future prospects in light of past results. Although Tesla news is frequently at the top of all the newspapers, it has recently made a lot of noise in the sector. Due to the continuing Twitter drama, Tesla is currently experiencing significant instability. Because of the constant misunderstanding caused by Elon Musk’s tweets, investors are in great dread.


With its corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, Tesla Inc. (TSLA) is a worldwide American vehicle and clean Energy Corporation. Tesla creates and manufactures solar panels, solar roof tiles, electric vehicles (electric cars and trucks), battery energy storage systems from residential to grid-scale, and other associated goods and services.

Tesla’s mission statement is “ to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” T

What is the Tesla  Stock?

Tesla has globally gained popularity through its remarkable growth in the past few year. Tesla (TLSA) is also known for bringing the revaluation of the Electric Vehicle. At presently, Tesla has ventured into the Electric Vehicle, battery energy storage systems, solar and bringing the best of its technology to the industry for better life.

Tesla sold 936,222 vehicles globally in 2021, a growth of 87% over the previous year. As of August 2022, the company has sold a total of 3 million vehicles. Tesla became the sixth corporation in American history to have a market valuation of $1 trillion when it did so in October 2021.

What PRODUCTS do Tesla  make?

Martin Eberhard & Marc Tarpenning founded Tesla Inc. (TSLA) originally known as Tesla Motors— in 2003. In February 2004, Musk managed the Series A round of financing; he invested $6.5 million, becoming the company’s majority owner, and was chosen as the board’s chairman. Musk played a significant position inside the organization and oversaw the development of the Roadster product, despite not being directly involved in day-to-day business operations. At present Tesla (TSLA) is involved in below segment-:

  1. Automobiles
  2. Electric vehicle powertrain components
  3. Batteries, energy storage
  4. Solar panels

Tesla (TSLA) is involved in accessories such as superchargers etc widely known as Tesla Supercharger

When Did Tesla Launched IPO?

The company announced its “Initial Public Offering (IPO)on June 29, 2010, Tesla Stock became a publicly traded company. The IPO was first priced at $17 and made the history.

Fundamental Analysis of tesla

In this segment, we will precisely dive into the balance sheet of Tesla Inc (TSLA) to have fair Understanding fundamentally that up-to what level it is better for the investor to invest in Tesla Inc Stock or to make the decision whether this Is Tesla stock a good buy now? Or to avoid it.

Stock DetailsPerformance
Previous Close$125.35
Market Cap388.877B
Beta (5Y Monthly)1.91
PE Ratio (TTM)38.13
EPS (TTM)3.23
Forward Dividend & YieldNA

What is Tesla Stocks (AAPL)’s Total Revenues?

Total Revenue increased 28.31% in 2020 to $31.536 billion against its revenue in 2019, and increased by 70.67 % to $53.823 billion in 2021 and as per Tesla (TSLA) ‘s latest financial reports the company’s current revenue (TTM) is $74.863B a 59.8% increase year-over-year.

What is Tesla Stock’s Net Income?

Net Income rose from $0.721 billion in 2020 to $5.519B billion in 2021, around 665.46% increase with 2020 net income against net income for year 2022 the TTM ending September it was $11.190B of 219.81% increase  in Year-over-year.

What is Tesla Stock’s EPS for 2022?

As per Nasdaq official report the total revenue for the Fiscal year 2022 is $3.24, with increase year-over-year of 213.26% %, whereas in Fiscal year 2021 it was $1.63 and In Fiscal Year 2020 it was $ 0.21 creating positive sentiments in Tesla (TSLA) Stock.

What is Tesla Stock’s Price History 52 Week?

Tesla has reached to the 52 Week High at $402.67 whereas the 52 week low to $122.26.

*What Is the Importance of the 52-Week High & the 52-Week Low Prices?

The benefit of knowing the high and low of 52 weeks of any stock is to provide the Volatility in Stock and which gives idea how much stock can move upside or downside to take the trade depending upon the market situation.

It also provides the Trends, which mean in what “Trend” the stock can move if fall in expected forecast with the help of trendline.

Technical Analysis of tesla

According to the technical Chart, if taking weekly perspective of the Chart as per Price Action movement, following the collapse from $413.89 to $123.15, from where it is already at Support line in giving no signal of reversal either through any pattern or any Candle signal. The Red candle that was seen on 19/12/2022 week serves as a selling signal and shows the bears are strongly bringing the price down.

The volume towards downtrend is also not in favor of any upside movement. Though it is already at support line with two side measurement however if it falls from here than will reach to another Support line which is at $67.27. Also the sentiments towards this stock is not in favor at present giving buy signal. Presently it is still in negative trend as per the Super-trend indicator and does not give buying signal and other indicators are also giving no buying signal and in future also atleast for another 2-3 months doesn’t give any hint towards reversal

Conclusion: From 22/12/2022 in weekly movement, it is advisable to be away from this stock and keep into regular tracking as it is news driven stock which has haunted the sentiments of investor.

*The viewpoint expressed here is just for informational purposes and is personal. In the above shared insight, the author makes no claims or offers any advice to purchase.

Ref: Investing.com    Link: https://invst.ly/zwfnw

When will the Tesla Stock (TSLA) split?

TESLA (TSLA) since registered has only 02 historical moment when the Stock was split where at last it was Year 2022 when the split happen in 3 for 1 (As reported by the TESLA Financials Report). The Details are provided as below:-

08/31/20205 for 1
09/25/20223 for 1
Credit: https://www.stocksplithistory.com/tesla/

TESLA (TESLA) Price Prediction

If noticed wisely and as per the technical indicators, Tesla  price prediction shows that in short term it is not recommended to buy however if taking the larger view with the help of fundamental analysis for the long term investment, Tesla  is undoubtly a good choice to invest. It is expected that in long terms Tesla  will reach to the level of $ 308 keeping the horizon of 5 years.

Credit: Solving The Money Problem

Tesla  (AAPL) Price Prediction 2022

Tesla ‘s had started with good movement having starting price with $352.26 in 2022. Tesla ‘s price dropped by -65% from as of today since starting of this year, with current Tesla Share Price $123.15 a share. The estimated price of a Tesla at the end of 2022 is $150, with a -57% year-over-year change. The Tesla Stock price is expected to increase to $166 in the first half of 2023; in the second, it is expected to increase by $42 with 77% increase over the present price.

Tesla Stock (AAPL)  Price Prediction 2023

Tesla is going through big turmoil at present but as the previous activity observed at Tesla Stock movement, it will rebound and is expected that the in year 2023 it will grow to approximate 77% with the value of $217 to the year end.

Tesla  (AAPL) Price Prediction 2024

If Tesla  stock follows the upside trend as per the Monthly Chart of Technical Analysis it will reach near to the $260- $272 and expected more with approx. increase of 115%.

Tesla  Stock (AAPL)  Price Prediction 2025

The current stock movement is news driven and it looking at the fundamental of the stock it will start with actual pace. It is expected that the Tesla  stock shall reach to the level of $ 346- $352 at the year-end. 

Tesla  Stock (AAPL)  Price Prediction 2030

The way Tesla  is involved in the regular invention and risk taking capacity, in this period, the Tesla  price would rise from $509 to $521. Having said earlier if keeping the long preview and noticed consistency of the stock it will surely reach to its level.

Take Away / FAQ

Does Tesla stock is trading at its ‘cheapest valuation’ in years?

Yes, It is undoubtly clear that the Tesla has reached to the level of September 2021. Hence if anyone wish to enter the trade for long term view, may invest on anytime.

Does Tesla Stock Price Is Being Killed By Twitter ?

No, Twitter ongoing status may appear to be in opposition with Tesla’s movement in the near term, but such news-driven dent does not last for very long, and any stock that is fundamentally healthy will eventually return to its true worth.

What will be the worth of Tesla Stock in 5 years?

As reported by Stockanalysis, the average recommendation for the TSLA stock among 47 analysts is “Buy.” The anticipated 12-month stock price is $269.97, up 119.22% from the current price. In long run of 5 Years the Tesla Stock is expected to reach at the level of $ 433.

Is Tesla  a Dividend Stock ?

No, fundamentally it is healthy practice especially for the companies which are into the research and development investment. The best part of this Tesla is that Tesla does invest huge amount of money to the R&D. Even in future, it is not expected that Tesla might plan for such return.

Should I buy Tesla stock right now?

No, technically it is not advisable until any reversal pattern is noticed. However the analyst who invest on the basis of fundamentals of the company it is the “Yes” signal

Is it profitable to invest in Tesla Stock?

Yes, For long term only Tesla is good buy provided positive sign of reversal.


The stock is currently quite bearish, and it appears that bear domination is the result of Twitter’s problems. However, if the entry is made at the appropriate time, it is one of the best stocks to buy in over the long term. Any time can be used to see the reversal. Better to wait and watch, enter only if there is positive sign of reversal.


The information shared on the above article or the website is for information purposes only. It is wise to conduct independent research and/or consult with a knowledgeable professional before making any ficonsultcisions. The Author or Website Administrator shall not be liable for any decision taken for the Investment based on shared information. 

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