In this post, we will discuss “NVIDIA Corporation” and its outlook based on past performance. The 1993-founded NVIDIA Corporation is well-known for producing desktop computers, mobile technology, and graphics chips. With the aid of the herewith techniques, we will discuss both fundamental and technical assessment to comprehend the company’s future growth.

NVIDIA Corp Stock Prediction?

Is It Worth Buying for 2030 ?


NVIDIA’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market and has redefined modern computer graphics, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. Transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing are just a few of the trillion-dollar industries being transformed by the company’s groundbreaking work in accelerated computing and artificial intelligence.

With the introduction of the RIVA series of graphics processors in 1997, “NVIDIA” grew to be a significant player in the computer gaming sector. With the advent of the GeForce 256 GPU, which provided improved three-dimensional graphics quality, the business rose to prominence two years later. NVIDIA received the Forbes Magazine’s 2007 Company of the Year award in recognition of its explosive growth and achievement.

In addition to the Tesla series of high-end business and scientific-research computers, NVIDIA’s extensive portfolio of computing technologies also includes the Quadro series of video cards for professional graphics, the Tegra series for mobile devices, the nForce series for multimedia features, and the cellular phone-based Force series. Ref :

NVIDIA Corp History

Jen-Hsun Huang, Curtis Priem, and Christopher Malachowsky, three American computer scientists, created the multinational business NVIDIA Corporation in 1993. The company NVIDIA is renowned for creating integrated circuits that are utilised in anything from personal computers to video game consoles (PCs). The business is a top producer of advanced graphics processing units (GPUs). Santa Clara, California serves as the Headquater for NVIDIA.

When Did NVIDIA Launched IPO ?

The company’s “Initial Public Offering (IPO)was introduced in Jan 22, 1999, and subsequent rise in its share price from $12 to $168.79 vide dated 05/12/2022.

Fundamental Analysis of NVIDIA

In this segment, we will precisely observe the Fundamental of the “NVIDIA”   to have fair understanding up-to what level it is feasible to invest in “NVIDIA”.

What is NVIDIA Corp Revenues ?

    • NVIDIA revenue for the quarter ending October 31, 2022 was $5.931B, a 16.5% decline year-over-year.

    • NVIDIA revenue for the twelve months ending October 31, 2022 was $28.566B, a 17.68% increase year-over-year.

    • NVIDIA annual revenue for 2022 was $26.914B, a 61.4% increase from 2021.

    • NVIDIA annual revenue for 2021 was $16.675B, a 52.73% increase from 2020.

    • NVIDIA annual revenue for 2020 was $10.918B, a 6.81% decline from 2019.

 Ref : nvidianews

What is NVIDIA Corp Net Income?

    • Net Income rose from $2.79 billion in 2020 to $4.33 billion in 2021,  around $9.75 billion in 2022 and in Year 2023 for 12 months ending Oct 31, it is around US$5.956 billion which was decline Y-O-Y of 27.43%

What is NVIDIA EPS for 2022?

    • As per Nasdaq official report the Earning Per Share was $1.13 B in 2020, $ 1.73 in Year 2021 to which in Year 2022 it was $3.85 shown increase from 2021 of 122.54% . However, NVIDIA EPS for the twelve months ending October 31, 2022 was $2.35, a 27.76% decline year-over-year.

What is NVIDIA Share Price History 52 Week?

    • “NVIDIA”   has reached to the 52 Week High at $324.78 whereas the 52 week low to $108.13.

What Is the Importance of the 52-Week High & the 52-Week Low Prices?

    • The benefit of knowing the high and low of 52 weeks of any stock is to provide the Volatility in Stock and which gives idea how much stock can move upside or downside to take the trade depending upon the market situation.

    • It also provides the Trends, which mean in what “Trend” the stock can move if fall in expected forecast with the help of trendline.

Technical Analysis of NVIDIA Corp

According to the technical Chart, if taking weekly perspective of the Chart as per Price Action movement, following the collapse from $343.33 to $111.77 which was from 22/11/2021 to 10/10/2022, from where it rebounded from Support-line.

The large bullish candle shown the Bullish-engulfing pattern, which was seen on 17/10/2022 weekly period, serves as a buying signal, even the volume was also in favor what was anticipated. Its “First Target “it to reach till its resistance point of $228.68 and if it crosses this level it reach to “Second Target” $343.33.

The instrument has already started its rally from oversold zone to overbought zone and RSI is in an advantageous position. The stock is moving upward particular bullish trend-line pattern and will continue to rise further until any specific candle comes to show its weakness.

Recently it has entered into Positive trend as per the Supertrend indicator and giving buying signal with regular observation as Supertrend Indicator is at thin line.

Conclusion of TA: From 10/10/2022 in weekly movement, it has displayed a trend reversal to positive side from here, and it may rise further.

*The viewpoint expressed here is just for informational purposes and is personal. In the above-shared insight, the author makes no claims or offers any advice to purchase.



When will the NVIDIA Corp Stock Split?

Since NVIDIA was registered, It has 5 splits in our NVDA split history database. The first split for NVDA took place on June 27, 2000. At present there is no such indication about future split, also taken the view of fundamentals of the stock there is no as such indication of future split. The Details are provided as below :-

Ref :


The stock has already experienced an upward trend and is anticipated to continue. If you have a technical perspective for the short term, you can gain 10-15%. Long-term trends, however, are seen as negative. Additionally, “NVIDIA” had a turbulent fiscal year and was in the process of recovering.

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Take Away / FAQ

What is NVIDIA Corp Stock Forcast – be worth for 2030?

The NVIDIA 5-year stock forecast from Coin Price Forecast indicated that the share price could climb to $520 by the end of 2027, up from $370 at the end of 2025, and $160 at the end of 2022.

The NVIDIA stock 5-year forecast from AI Pickup was bearish, with the website’s technical analysis, predicting that the share price could average $42.42 in 2027, down from $117.89 in 2022, $106.73 in 2023 and $78.82 in 2025. However, it then expected the stock to rebound to average $733.34 in 2030.

Is NVIDIA Dividend Stock ?

Yes, The current TTM dividend payout for NVIDIA (NVDA) as of December 02, 2022 is $0.16. The current dividend yield for NVIDIA as of December 02, 2022 is 0.09%.

Is Nvidia a good stock to invest in?

As per Technical View by the author for the short term, it may be bought as per shared target until there is any specific issues observed fundamentally. The Stock is already moving in the upside pattern and expected to be continued till its first target achieved

Is NVIDIA Corporation stock undervalued?

Post done the in-depth study on both Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Fundamentally the Stock is overvalued, where the intrinsic value of the Stock should be at Base Case scenario the NVIDIA’s Intrinsic Value: Projected FCF is $31.85. The stock price of NVIDIA is $170.01. Therefore, NVIDIA’s Price-to-Intrinsic-Value-Projected-FCF of today is 5.3.

The information shared on above article or on the website is for information purpose only. It is wise advise that before making any financial decisions, it is advised conducting independent research and/or consulting with a knowledgeable professional. The Author or Website Administrator shall not be liable for any decision taken for the Investment based on shared information.

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