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In this article, we are sharing our view on “Apple Stock” and “Apple Stock Forecast” with previous performance.  Apple has track record of given good performance in past. Apple is known in the industry to bring the new technology vis-à-vis working at best of Research and development wing to upscale future requirement. We will cover in this topic both Fundamental and Technical Assessment.


Apple (AAPL) when it comes to talk about Apple Stocks the first thing in mind pops up the Mac book and Iphone. However it is not the only what Apple is into. Apple sells the accessories, tv etc.

As of June 2022, Apple was the largest company in the world by market capitalization, the fourth-largest vendor of personal computers by unit sales, the second-largest manufacturer of mobile phones, and the biggest supplier of technology overall (with revenues of US$365.8 billion in 2021). One of the Big Five American IT companies, along with Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta, is this one.

What is the Apple Stock?

Apple is widely known today and reached to a level where does not need any introduction however to share a brief

At Apple Park, a large circular groundscraper edifice with a one-mile radius in Cupertino, California’s Silicon Valley, Apple Inc.’s global corporate headquarters are situated (1.6 km). In the facility, which was completed in April 2017, there are more than 12,000 workers.

What PRODUCTS do Apple make?


The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, as well as the iMac, Mac mini, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro desktop computers, make up the current lineup. Apple silicon chips are used in all Macs, excluding the Mac Pro.


The most recent iPhones are the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Apple has sold more than 500 million iPads, but demand peaked in 2013. The iPad was still the most popular tablet computer in terms of sales as of the second quarter of 2020, and by the end of 2021, it was responsible for 9% of the business’s revenue.

When Did Apple Launched IPO?

The company announced its “Initial Public Offering (IPO)on December 12, 1980, Apple became a publicly traded company. Several Apple employees, including a teenage Steve Jobs, became millionaires immediately when shares were first priced at US$22 selling in total 4.6 million shares.

“The shares sold out almost immediately and the IPO generated more capital than any IPO since Ford Motor Company in 1956. Instantly, about 300 millionaires were created, some 40 of which were Apple employees and investors.” EDN Reports

Fundamental Analysis of Apple Stock

In this segment, we will precisely observe the Fundamental of the Apple Stock to have fair understanding up-to what level it is feasible to invest in Apple Stock or Is Apple stock a good buy now?

Stock DetailsPerformace
Previous Close132.3
Market Cap2.155T
Beta (5Y Monthly)1.22
PE Ratio (TTM)22.17
EPS (TTM)6.11
Forward Dividend & Yield0.92 (0.70%)

What is Apple Stocks (AAPL)’s Total Revenues?

Total Revenue increased 5.51% in 2020 to $274.515 billion against its revenue in 2019, and increased by 33.26% to $365.817 billion in 2021 and as per Apple (AAPL) ‘s latest financial reports the company’s current revenue (TTM) is $394.328 B  a 7.79% increase year-over-year.

What is Apple Stock’s Net Income?

Net Income rose from $57.41 billion in 2020 to $94.68 billion in 2021,  around 64.92 % increase with present annual net income for year 2022 of $99.80 B approx. increase of 5.41% in Year-over-year.

What is Apple Stock’s EPS for 2022?

As per Nasdaq official report the total revenue for the Fiscal year 2022 is $6.11 with increase year-over-year of 8.91%, whereas in Fiscal year 2021 it was $5.61 and In Fiscal Year 2020 it was $3.28. which states good growth regularly. 

What is Apple Stock’s Price History 52 Week?

Apple Stock has reached to the 52 Week High at $182.94 whereas the 52 week low to $129.04.

*What Is the Importance of the 52-Week High & the 52-Week Low Prices?

The benefit of knowing the high and low of 52 weeks of any stock is to provide the Volatility in Stock and which gives idea how much stock can move upside or downside to take the trade depending upon the market situation.

It also provides the Trends, which mean in what “Trend” the stock can move if fall in expected forecast with the help of trendline.

Technical Analysis of APPLE STOCK

Conclusion: From 22/12/2022 in weekly movement, it is giving some hints of trend reversal to positive side from here, and it may move any time towards upside provided further given green candle signal

*The viewpoint expressed here is just for informational purposes and is personal. In the above shared insight, the author makes no claims or offers any advice to purchase.

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When will the Apple Stock (AAPL) split?

Since Apple (AAPL) was registered, it has 05 historical moment when the Stock was split where at last it was Year 2020 when the split happen in 4 for 1 (As reported by the Apple Financials Report). The Details are provided as below:-

August 31, 20204:1
June 09, 20147:1
February 28, 20052:1
June 21, 20002:1
June 16, 19872:1

Apple (AAPL) Price Prediction

If noticed wisely and as per the technical indicators, Apple price prediction shows that in short term it is not recommended to buy however if taking the larger view with the help of fundamental analysis for the long term investment, Apple is undoubtly a good choice to invest. It is expected that in long terms Apple will reach to the level of $ 308 keeping the horizon of 5 years.

Apple (AAPL) Price Prediction 2022

Apple price started in 2022 at $177.57. Today, Apple traded at $142.16, so the price decreased by -20% from the beginning of the year. The forecasted Apple price at the end of 2022 is $148 – and the year to year change -17%. The rise from today to year-end: +4%. In the first half of 2023, the Apple price will climb to $155; in the second half, the price would add $21 and close the year at $176, which is +24% to the current price.

Apple Stock (AAPL)  Price Prediction 2023

Apple have announced some of launch for the year 2023 where Apple to launch first AR headset. It is expected that the in year 2023 it will grow to approximate 25% with the value of $171.

Apple (AAPL) Price Prediction 2024

If Apple stock follows the upside trend as per the Monthly Chart of Technical Analysis it will reach near to the $201- $215 and expected more. In the year 2021 it has not performed to the expected level of the analysist however; it is gearing up from bearish to bullish as per the trend.

What is Apple stock Predicition for 2025?

With proven record in past and consistently given growth, it is expected that the Apple stock shall reach to the level of $245- $260 at the year-end.

Apple Stock (AAPL)  Price Prediction 2030  

In this period, the Apple price would rise from $356 to $389. Having said earlier if keeping the long preview and noticed consistency of the stock it will surely reach to its level.

Take Away / FAQ

What will be the worth of Apple Stock in 5 years?

As reported by Stockanalysis The average 12-month stock price projection for Apple stock is $ 181.72, which indicates a rise of 37.71%, according to 49 stock analysts. The lowest and highest targets are 123.22 and 224.7 respectively.

Is Apple Stock Dividend Stock?

Yes, Apple is one the companies which pays regular dividend. . In fact, the most recent dividend that Apple has paid out was on 2/10/22 for $.22/share

Is Apple’s stock a good buy right now?

As per Technical View by the author for the short term, it is advised to avoid investing. But keeping the long view one may invest.

Is it profitable to invest in Apple Stock?

Yes, The price action is already at reversal movement and if it moves in the predicted direction than surely it will go up.

Is Apple Stock (AAPL) Stock undervalued?

Post done the in-depth study on both Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Fundamentally the Stock is overvalued, where the intrinsic value of the Stock should be at Base Case scenario should be 126.10 USD whereas compared to the current market price of 148.31 USD , Apple Stock Present value is Overvalued by 15%.

*The IV is calculated as the average of the two valuation methods:
DCF Value 101.82 USD -31%
Relative Value 151.59 USD +2%


The stock at present is bearish however giving the indication of reversal. We can expect the recovery in 2023. However looking at the Apple stock forcast 2025, we may see clear upside movement. It is at present level not advisable to invest for short term until any recovery sign is shown on the chart.


The information shared on the above article or the website is for information purposes only. It is wise to conduct independent research and/or consult with a knowledgeable professional before making any ficonsultcisions. The Author or Website Administrator shall not be liable for any decision taken for the Investment based on shared information. 

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