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At MoneyMangoose, we are group of professionals having diverse background from Financial Sector. With 18 years exposure to market ups and down, we are sharing our personal view on the below stock trading at The New York Stock Exchange (In short known as NYSE), Dowjones & NASDAQ.

We are sharing our view based on our previous observation and experience towards the stock assessment for “Amazon Stock” traded as “AMZN”. We shall share our inputs considering present situation towards “Amazon Stock Forecast” with previous performance. Amazon (AMZN) is already going through unstable moment since than Amazon’s share price too a decade to recover from the sinking profit when the dot-com bubble burst and given the sink of 95% to the share.


A worldwide technology business called, Inc. runs an online store and offers a variety of services, such as cloud computing and advertising. One of the biggest firms in the world by market capitalization as of September 2021 was The stock is denoted by the ticker “AMZN” and is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

What is the Amazon (AMZN) Stock?

Jeff Bezos established the business in 1994, and it has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. One of the biggest online retailers, Amazon offers a vast range of goods including books, electronics, apparel, home goods, and more.

In addition to its retail business, Amazon also provides a number of other services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Cloud Computing Platform that offers a range of services to businesses and organizations, and Amazon Prime, a subscription-based service that offers free shipping and other benefits to members.

Amazon is one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, and it generates a significant amount of revenue each year. According to the company’s financial statements, Amazon’s revenue has grown significantly in recent years, reaching over $386 billion in 2020.

When Did Amazon (AMZN)Launched IPO?

In 1997,, Inc. (Amazon) made its first “Initial Public Offering”  (IPO).  A privately held firm can raise funds through an initial public offering (IPO) by selling shares of its stock to the public. Amazon’s initial public offering (IPO) on May 15, 1997, was priced at $18 per share, and the business raised about $54 million by selling 3 million shares.

Fundamental Analysis of Microsoft

Here, in the context of fundamental analysis, the findings will be discussed in light of Amazon’s (AMZN) historical performance, taking into account the stock’s intrinsic value as well as other important variables that shed light on the company’s current and prospective situations. It will be clear from fundamental analysis whether now the best moment to buy in Amazon (AMZN) is or not.

Stock ParticularsPerformance
Previous Close (As of Today)$83.79
Market Cap$ 869.69B
Beta (5Y Monthly)1.19
PE Ratio (TTM)78.14
EPS (TTM)1.09
Forward Dividend & YieldNA

What is Amazon (AMZN) Stocks (AMZN)’s Total Revenues?

Total Revenue increase 37.62% in 2020 to $386.064B against its revenue in 2019, and increased by 21.7% to $469.822B in 2021 and as per Amazon (AMZN)’s latest financial reports the company’s current revenue (TTM) is $502.191B a 9.66% increase year-over-year.

What is Amazon (AMZN) Stock’s Net Income?

Net Income rose from $21.331B, billion in 2020 to $33.364B billion in 2021, around 56.41% increase with 2020 net income against net income for year 2022 the TTM ending October it was $11.323B of 56.89% decline in Year-over-year. Which is not healthy sign to invest at present.

What is Amazon (AMZN) Stock’s EPS for 2022?

As per Nasdaq official report the total revenue for the Fiscal year 2022 is $1.08, with decrease year-over-year of 57.83% whereas in Fiscal year 2021 it was $3.24 and In Fiscal Year 2020 it was $2.09 creating negative sentiments in Amazon (AMZN) Stock.

What is Amazon (AMZN)Stock’s Price History 52 Week?

Microsoft has reached to the 52 Week High at $172.94 whereas the 52 week low to $82.25.

*What Is the Importance of the 52-Week High & the 52-Week Low Prices?

The benefit of knowing the high and low of 52 weeks of any stock is to provide the Volatility in Stock and which gives idea how much stock can move upside or downside to take the trade depending upon the market situation.

It also provides the Trends, which mean in what “Trend” the stock can move if fall in expected forecast with the help of trendline.

Technical Analysis of Microsoft

According to the technical Chart, as per the weekly perspective of the Chart as per Price Action movement, following the collapse from $189.89 in the year of 2021 to 82.89 till December 12, 2022. Since 12th December it is on the Support line and already moving towards upside direction. Though it is has moved upside direction and there is no sign of falling from here in Weekly view but if it falls from here than will reach to another support line which is at $83.79. However the sentiments at present is not in favor of the stock and not giving the buy signal.

Although the Super-trend Indicator indicates a positive trend, there is now no purchasing signal, and other indicators similarly do not indicate any buying signals in the near future. However, there is a chance that it will continue to move upward over the long term. After the stock has been evaluated using technical analysis, there is a chance that it will hit its First Target of $ 102 in a month and its Second Target of $ 124 in two to three months.

Conclusion: From 26/12/2022 in weekly movement, it is advisable to keep a close watch as the stock is in positive trend as per the super trend indicator so any further positive candle one may invest gradually in small-small quantity.

*The viewpoint expressed here is just for informational purposes and is personal. In the above shared insight, the author makes no claims or offers any advice to purchase.

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When will the Amazon Stock split?

Amazon has split its stock on numerous occasions in the past. Amazon (AMZN) since registered has only 04 historical moment when the Stock was split where at last it was Year 2022 when the split happen in 20 for 1 (As reported by the AMAZON (AMZN) Financials Report. The amazon stock price before split was about $2000. At present Amazon Stock split date can not be predicted as Amazon is still unpredictable.

 The Details are provided as below:-

06/02/19982 for 1
01/05/19993 for 1
09/02/19992 for 1
06/06/202220 for 1

AMAZON stock Price Prediction

Over the previous few years, Amazon’s stock price has performed well. With a few dips along the road, the company’s stock price has been rising gradually.

The stock of Amazon has increased recently as a result of the company’s successful financial operations, the expansion of e-commerce, and consumers’ preference for shopping online due to the COVID-19 epidemic. In September 2021, the price of Amazon’s shares reached an all-time high and has since increased.

 AMAZON Stock Price Prediction 2023

Amazon (AMZN) is already in recovery mode and there is positive sentiments seen in the market with some of the confusion in the investors. With the  previous activity observed at Amazon (AMZN) Stock movement having few dips, it will keep its momentum and is expected that the in year 2023 it will grow to approximate 49% with the value of $127 to the year end.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2024

If Amazon (AMZN) stock if there is no such another dip found in the business than it is expected that the upside trend as per the Monthly Chart of Technical Analysis it will reach near to the $174 to the year end with the initial moment of $ 142 and expected more with approx. increase of 97%.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2025

In the long run there is no such issues found in the Amazon Stock Performance and looking at the fundamental of the stock it will maintain with actual pace. It is expected that the Amazon (AMZN) stock shall reach to the level of $ 186..33 at the year-end. 

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2030

The way Amazon (AMZN) is customer sentiments based product driven company. There is no chance that any other contestant could conquer it. The price of Amazon (AMZN) is anticipated to increase to $254.21.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2035

Amazon’s strong financial performance and the growth of e-commerce have contributed to the company’s stock price. For the Year 2035, we expect the performance of stock to reach around $ 310 with approx. growth of 256%.

Take Away / FAQ

Does Amazon (AMZN) stock is trading at its ‘cheapest valuation’ in years?

Yes, looking at the 5 year span time and growth rate it is not the cheapest but at the good level where the investor may still think to add some number for the year of 2023.

Is Amazon a buy hold or sell & Is amazon stock expected to rise?

It is unquestionably a buy call at this time because the stock is already rising and will continue to do so in the future.

What will be the worth of Amazon (AMZN) Stock in 5 years?

As reported by Stockanalysis, the average 12-month stock price projection for stock is $142.47, which foresees a growth of 67.12%, according to 58 stock analysts. The lowest and highest targets are $80.8 and $244.39, respectively. Analysts generally recommend buying shares.

Is Amazon (AMZN) a Dividend Stock ?

No. Fundamentally speaking, it is a good strategy, particularly for businesses that spend in research and development.

Should you invest in (AMZN) stock right now?

Yes, technically it is not advisable until any reversal pattern is noticed. However the analyst who invest on the basis of fundamentals of the company it is the “Yes” signal

Is amazon stock a good buy right now?

According to the author’s technical viewpoint, investing in the short term is possible as long as one keeps a careful eye on stock movement. But it will be better for the long term and safer in the long run.

Is it profitable to invest in Amazon (AMZN) Stock?

Yes, we have already shared the 10 years Amazon Stock Forecast and undoubtly it is good buy.

Is Amazon (AMZN) overvalued?’s intrinsic value is $19.34 in projected FCF.’s stock currently trades at $85.25. The Price-to-Intrinsic-Value-Projected-FCF for as of today is 4.4. So According to the Fundamental statistic, it is overvalued.

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Online retail sales, which soared in the early stages of the epidemic, have levelled out as more people have started going back to traditional brick-and-mortar establishments to shop. By 2027, Amazon’s sales are expected to surpass $1.2 trillion, up from about $500 billion currently. In the upcoming years, Amazon’s earnings should increase dramatically as a result of these anticipated revenue increases and cost-cutting measures. Nevertheless, Statista predicts that global e-commerce sales will increase from $5.2 trillion in 2021 to over $8 trillion by 2026.


The information shared on the above article or the website is for information purposes only. It is wise to conduct independent research and/or consult with a knowledgeable professional before making any ficonsultcisions. The Author or Website Administrator shall not be liable for any decision taken for the Investment based on shared information. 

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