About Us

“The Mongoose Knows his Purpose”

Our goal at Money-Mangoose is the same as a mongoose, which is to say that we are conscious of it. Our primary motivation should be to understand our purpose before the finalizing our aim, just like a mongoose, if we want to accomplish any goal. We have worked arduously to maintain this website regularly updated on every development in the financial sector with the goal of making people aware of investments and how they can increase their wealth.

Without a doubt, everyone is naive in every sector; even those who have been successful for a while as learning should never stop. The doyen of Investment world-Mr. Warren Buffet has rightly said it below

““If you are investing in your education and you are learning, you should do that as early as you possibly can, because then it will have time to compound over the longest period. And that the things you do learn and invest in should be knowledge that is cumulative, so that the knowledge builds on itself” By Mr. Warren Buffett

Our goal is to deliver every information as quickly as we can. We are prepared to improvise on shared feedback and eagerly anticipate insightful criticism.